Love children treasure Weapon: how to identify true and false insulation Cup

 Show News    |      2017-10-23
Winter is coming, we all want to drink a hot tea in the cold winter, so everyone will have a warm artifact - the insulation cup. However, the market on the insulation cup difference is huge, cheap ten blocks have, expensive up to hundreds of pieces also, as consumers, in the choice of time is really difficult to choose. 

I believe many people have encountered insulation cups do not keep the situation, are the insulation cup, why the price difference so big? Are stainless steel insulation cup, why do not some insulation it? 

Some consumers believe that the heavier the insulation cup, the thicker the steel, the better the insulation effect. But in fact not the case, take the weight of the insulation cup is the weight of the steel itself? Or is there any added material? Have consumers found that in the purchase of insulation cup when the cup will shake the sound, this is normal? 

Here's a look at how to identify the insulation cup! 

Method one: to the insulation cup into the hot water, hand feel the temperature of the cup surface. If it is true insulation cup, the surface temperature is not changed, but if it is false insulation cup, which is not a vacuum treatment, will be over time, the surface of the insulation cup will heat, this situation is because the heat through The thermal conductivity of the metal to release heat, and did not play the role of insulation, only double vacuum cup to prevent heat dissipation. 

Method 2: see the cup of the weld and interface. No weld, and seamless insulation Cup, its insulation effect is better. If you find the insulation cup cup has a weld, the insulation of the degree of insulation to play a big discount. 

In general, the selection of insulation cup clever as follows: 

1. Look: Look at the appearance of the cup, including the cup of the production process and interface, formal certification is very important. 
2. shake: In order to avoid the cup inside the silt of the poor insulation cup, shake the cup at the time of purchase, if you hear the sound of the cup inside the sand do not buy. 
3. pinch: a good stainless steel insulation cup surface material is relatively thick, not easy to deformation, if the time to buy the cup surface, found relatively soft, easy to sink, the quality of these insulation cup is off.