Recommended 5 winter will drink health tea

 Company News    |      2017-10-23

Winter is coming, most people like to put a cup of hot tea in the winter hot tea, drive away the winter chill, that winter for what to drink tea ? Today for you to introduce five suitable for winter drink tea, make you taste Health is correct Oh ~

1 , red dates tea

Winter is particularly suitable for drinking red dates tea. Jujube has to enhance physical fitness, strengthen the effect of muscle strength. It contains cyclic adenosine monophosphate, can dilate the coronary artery, enhance myocardial contractility, and contains components such as maslinic acid, inhibit the effect of cancer. Jujube high sugar content, resulting in heat, so particularly suitable for consumption in the winter.


2, Astragalus black tea

Astragalus is sweet, with qi and sun, to reconcile the spleen and stomach, lungs Sheng Jin, expectorant effect, Huangqi black tea for the spleen and stomach, self-sweating night sweats, lack of inflation, ulcer is not broken, detoxification detoxification. Effective qi and stomach, can improve the symptoms of physical weakness. On the central nervous system, cardiovascular benefit, there is antihypertensive effect, but also diuretic, anti-virus, anti-aging, anti-tumor and so on.


3, Rose Pu'er tea

Roses plus Pu'er tea with the sake of drinking, aromatic and pleasant, can ease the chest tightness, tired of the mood, to ease the tension, the winter has a good effect of depression.


4, Mung bean with chrysanthemum tea

Mung bean sand chrysanthemum tea can be detoxification beauty, flat face thick pores make skin smooth, is the winter to acne recipe.


5, Rose honey tea

Rose honey tea mild nature, reduce the anger, can adjust the blood gas, promote blood circulation, beauty beauty, and the elimination of fatigue, healing wounds, the protection of the liver gastrointestinal function, long-term consumption can also help promote metabolism, play a role in weight loss and fat The


6 , pregnant women , the elderly should not drink tea in winter

   Pregnant women should not drink tea, because the tea contains theophylline excitement, the formation and development of the fetus have a certain impact; menstrual period do not drink tea, cold winter, some women like to drink tea to keep the body heat, but if it is In the menstrual period itself, too much blood loss, if you drink tea, it will cause the body of iron loss, the formation of iron deficiency anemia .

   Old winter tea, tea itself cold, the elderly to the winter, the resistance decreased, hands and feet prone to cold phenomenon, if this time to drink a cup of tea, it will only increase the chill, which led to disease invasion.

Glass does not contain chemicals, the most healthy tea

In all the cups of the material, the glass is the most healthy. The glass does not contain organic chemicals during the firing process. When people drink water or tea with glass, do not worry about chemical substances that will be drunk into the stomach, and the glass surface is smooth, easy to clean, bacteria and Dirt is not easy in the cup wall breeding, so people use glass to drink tea, water is the most healthy and safest.